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Week 1 of being a Golden Retriever Puppy

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

These little potatoes have grown so much in just one week...Eat, sleep, grow, repeat!! What a phenomenal journey for us to raise Golden Retriever Puppies. We had a trip the vet in our cute basket to have dew claws removed and it went super well. Mom was calm, puppies were calm, everything we want to see on an adventure.

We have been waiting to see exactly how their coloring would come out since these puppies are English Cream Golden Retriever and American Golden Retriever. They are not as white as Momma but certainly as dark as Tamarack. I think they are perfect!

We have started Early Neurological stimulation and had our nails cut. Want to try to save mom from too much scratching!

Momma is doing so great, she is starting to leave them just a little for a bit of Cypress time. She likes to come into the house for a nano second to get hugs from Grampa! Then right back to doting on her puppies.


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