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Sasquatch pups are 2 weeks!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

We passed the 2 week mark with 300% growth since birth, all are over 4 lbs now. Eyes are little slits starting to open and movement is coming along. They are progressing perfectly and I am so happy with how they are growing and looking soooo cute.

We do ENS training every day, all are responding great. We have had to change up a couple of the exercises to get all comfortable with being on their backs but it's working smoothly. We have cut their nails and handled their paws along with holding them in multiple positions.

We gave the first round of deworming meds to the pups and momma (of course Auntie Magnolia had to have some too). Everyone had their first bath and did so great.....they all were so chill, it was awesome. Momma was even good about me taking them out of the pen for the treatments and tub tubs.

Cypress is the best Momma....she is taking such good care of her babies and she looks fabulous. Her coat is great and she is eating great (I can take a little credit for that, turns out I am pretty good cook). I am also a master hugger! Sasquatch puppies are in it to win it!!

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Oct 15, 2023

They are looking great, miss them

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