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We are drunken sailors!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

This week was full of growth and changes! Eyes and ears are open, sort of. Pups are walking on their own, sort of....if being a drunken sailor counts as walking! They have started to play with each other and Mom!

We have lots of new toys to play with too. Marty built a PVC hanging mobile that they are loving playing with!

The most exciting thing this week was the addition of a poop tray. They don't know what to do with it but so far, it's a good place for a nap. Hopefully it wont be long and it will be a good place to do their business!

They definitely are responding to our presence, our touch, they love to be held and cuddled. Hairy wrapped his front legs around my arm and held on with a death was actually very cute. Yeti still is not happy about being turned over on his back but he tolerates it for a nano second. Alma is still the biggest but certainly not the dominant. All 3 are extremely affectionate and sweet, so far! Their personalities are 100% starting to show through now.

Scent exposure has brought about mixed reactions. Lavender is a yes, vinegar a no, garlic was a yes, lemon a ehhh....They all 3 reacted the same to every scent!

This next week we will be remodeling the nursery into a toddler area. This is all goes so fast, it's crazy!!!! And soooo much fun!!

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