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Sasquatch puppies are here!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

3 healthy little boys joined us on Friday, Sept. 29th! Everyone is doing great, Momma Cypress had a smooth, evening 3 hour delivery. We were a finished and cleaned up by 10:30! Couldn't ask for much more, thankful it wasn't the middle of the night. We have named the litter Sasquatch because both Cypress and Tamarack have huge paws, what else could we do? Orange collar boy was the first one out, weighing 17.2 oz and he will be named Hairy. Purple collar was the 2nd delivery weighing 14.75 oz and he will be called Yeti. 3rd delivery was blue collar, the biggest at 18.4 oz and his name is Alma (Mongolian for Sasquatch and a very cute name!).

Cypress is a diligent Momma, I knew she would be super sweet and do a great job. With only 3 pups we are anticipating rapid growth with lots of milk for everyone. Day 2 and all have gained 2-3 oz since birth which is great!! Stay tuned for more updates!!

Tomorrow starts early neurological stimulation....crazy at only 3 days old! You will find me in whelping pen if you have questions. Oh, poor me!


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