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What is included in the adoption of a Royal Golden Puppy?

Everything listed on the puppy page plus endless golden glitter, love and joy!  Lifetime support from us a breeders and our community.  Your puppy will come home with their health records, a blanket that smells of Mom and siblings, microchip, AKC limited registration forms.  Maybe a toy or 2 along with our favorite recipes for added yummy to their diets as they grow.

What kind of training will my puppy come home with?

We begin training at 3 weeks.  Your puppy will have an understanding of commands like sit, stay, come and down.  They will have been sleeping in a crate at night, potty training in a tray and outdoors, be used to a collar and leash.  We will have bathed and brushed them, trimmed nails, cleaned ears and brushed teeth.  

How do I reserve a pup and how does the process work?

On the puppy page on this website there is a button for payment using paypal or credit card.  You can also mail a check to:  Royal Goldens, 5973 W Blackwell Blvd, Spirit Lake, ID. 83869.  A NON-REFUNDABLE $500 reservation fee is required to hold a puppy for you.  You will be added to the next available litter once this is received.  There is no way to guarantee when a litter will happen or what genders will be produced....mother nature makes those choices for us so please be patient!  Once your reservation has been accepted, you will receive regular updates on the status of the litter so you can follow closely the entire process from breeding, whelping, and the raising of your puppy until you welcome them home.

What supplies do I need on hand when I bring my puppy home?

Highly recommend you purchase a snuggle buddy for your new pup.  Available from Amazon, Walmart, etc.  It comes with a heartbeat and heat pockets.


We will have started crate training and recommend you continue, at least for nighttime sleep.  The crate will also help you continue potty training.  Use a small crate or put a divider in a large one to keep the space small.

Lots of chew toys!!!  Your puppy will be very mouthy when young and giving them acceptable items to chew will save your clothing and furniture from damage.

We feed Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy food.  We recommend you continue with a high quality large breed puppy food (not grain free).  If you chose to change from Diamond Natural, do so gradually.  Buy at least one bag in order to properly transition to the food of your choice.

We are firm believers in Nuvet products and recommend all new owners continue with this supplement after bringing your puppy home to alleviate any digestive issues they may face with the transition to different water and location. Click HERE to learn more about the benefits and place your order.

A properly fit collar, name tag with your phone# and a leash.

Book an appointment with your vet to see the puppy within 7 days of coming home.  Proper vaccine schedules and regular vet appointments will help ensure the healthy long life we all hope to give our furry companions!  Also, look into puppy training classes once they have their 16 week vaccine complete.


Can I request a specific gender of pup?

When you reserve your puppy, you can request your preference.  We will of course take that into consideration.  However, depending what we have to work with from the litter and the puppy matching process there is no guarantee.  We spend hours and hours with these puppies and need to be their voice.  We will get to know you as well so we can properly match the two of you.  Please trust the process and answer all our questions honestly.  There is a reason for all of it and we take great pride in getting you the best pup for your situation.

Can I come visit the puppies?

Once the puppies are passed the 4 week old mark, we welcome committed buyers to visit us.  Please make an appointment in advance.  Be prepared to follow sanitation protocols for the safety of the pups.    

Why is the reservation fee Non-Refundable if i change my mind?

We put hours and hours into preparing for the arrival of a litter long before we meet you.  Your deposit is 100% 

invested back into the program, although it does apply to your final purchase price of a puppy.   By reserving a spot for you, we are denying someone else.  Your deposit is applied to the mating process (AI costs about $2000 per litter, stud fees run $1500-$2500), vet visits, health testing the adult dogs ($1000 each), the cost of a breeding female ($4000-$10,000).  There are many investments along the way that ensure we can care for and raise a perfect puppy for you.

We ask that you are certain of your purchase before you move forward.

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