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Life of a Golden Retriever Puppy

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

# 1 priority in the life of a Golden Retriever Puppy is eating!

We have fully transitioned into puppy kibble and are weaning away from Mom. This is most likely the last photo we will see of Momma nursing. By the end of this week they should be 100% weaned. She is now moving into the role of mentor, teacher and a little bit playful friend. So cute to watch this transition for her. She will be a gem in these last few weeks to help me teach them the ropes of being a big dog. See instagram (royalgoldens801) for a cute video of Cypress correcting them about proper boundaries.

#2 priority is expelling all said food consumed. Where they go is not as much a priority for them as it is for me! We have moved away from the pee pads completely and are using the tray with pellets. About 80% there I would say. Almost all pooping happens here in the box (at 5 weeks this is pretty darn great!) but when we have to pee, we gotta pee and that may or may not be in the box. Progress everyday, it's really quite amazing how much they can change from morning to night.

#3 priority is PLAY! That can be the eat my brothers face game or play with all the toys we have been graced with to occupy our space.

We had some nice weather this week so we were able to set up a playground out in the yard that was super fun (for the puppies and us!).

Grampa Marty game out to help and offer reassurance that they were safe when it all seemed a little overwhelming. Our goal is to expose the pups to new environments, sounds, smells and feelings without stress.

A big new thing this week was meeting the dreaded vacuum cleaner. Many of you with a dog have experienced them being afraid of this noisy, unpredictable monster! Hopefully this slow and easy introduction will squelch that fear in their future home. Cause guess what?? If you own a Golden Retriever, your vacuum gets used ALOT!

The best part of this week was getting to have visitors!! One of our new families came to visit (with a kid, BONUS)! And they brought us a new snuggle buddy. This stuffy will carry all the smells of the Momma and the litter when they go home with it making the transition much more seemless. We had a really rainy day so we set up the playground in the garage and a good time was had by all!

We had baths, nail trims and another round of deworming meds. Plus we get weighed everyday. We are now 8,9 and 10 pounds! Working on puppy, puppy, puppy recall and it's working great. This recall will be well engrained in the pups when they go home as back up until they learn their name, the new rules in their new homes, etc. Puppy, puppy, puppy is something that they will know it means come to me, I am safe and your life is good.

Next week has MANY new adventures coming so stay tuned! Please share our updates or join the mailing list to keep up with all the fun we are having here.


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