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Puppy, puppy, puppy

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

At only 6 weeks old, these little men are responding so well to the "puppy, puppy, puppy" recall. It really is amazing how easily they come running and follow me around when I call.

Then we added leashes. Mostly just letting them drag them around to get used to them for now. Added a little directional tug but only slightly until they get used to them. They are doing so well, they even followed a 2 year around! A cute 2 year old to boot!

Everyone loaded up into the laundry basket and had our first car ride! No one puked or cried (too much). That was first for me, every other puppies we have done this with always vomit the first time. Of course they get used to it but the first time is alot of tousling around that they aren't used to!

Crate training is in full swing in their individual crates. I put them in the crate with their snuggle buddies and latch the gate for 2 hour increments during the day for naps. At night, I put them in and as soon as they settle I unlatch the crate so they can get out and go potty in their poop tray during the night. They are still pretty young to hold it for 8 hours, and I am too old so we are kind of on the same page! We have added food in individual bowls to the crate on occasion as well. They tend to step in in it and make a mess so I am still preferring the big bowl!

More outside play time with Mom and Auntie Magnolia gets to join in now. Momma Cypress was not real comfortable at first, she kept trying to lure Magnolia away from the babies with a ball. After Magnolia had a little chat with the pups about that whole nursing thing and explained that it was not her thing.....they all get along great now!

Their growth chart is off the charts! Gaining weight everyday, about 2 lbs per week. They are all bigger than average, mostly because it was such a small litter and Mom had so much milk. I am expecting them to be fairly large as adults due the the size of both parents paws. Thus the name Sasquatch litter!

I can't believe we only have 2 more weeks before they go home with their furever families!! It has gone so fast....I am gonna miss the little rascals!


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