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Puppies in their Furever Homes

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

It's been 2 weeks since our little boys went with their new families to start their furever life! They are sorely missed here but I know they are spreading love, shark bites, and golden glitter all over their new homes. Everyone is busy getting to know each other, training and preparing for puppies first Christmas.

Mr Fin was the biggest boy when they went home and it looks like he still is holding that title! His people told me they had to get a slow feeder for him and that has helped is receiving mass love!

Ryder is fondly called Ry-Bear by his kids. His little face does look like a teddy bear! He is following his poppa with his favorite nap spot being under the stool (although Tamarack used to rest his chin on the wrung). Ryder's people are doing a great job training him to be a good big boy! Solid work Lauren!

And Jake! Wow, he is living the dream! He has his favorite spot next to the back door so he can go out and play in all that snow. Wish his Dad would buy a few more toys however, poor little fella.

Poppa Tamarack would be so proud of his boys. This pic is my young handsome boy. His offspring are looking every bit as handsome as this champion! Just hope they aren't shoe theives like him when they grow up.

Momma Cypress is back to her pre-baby form, almost. Watching TV, dreaming of dock diving and having fun in the snow with sister Magnolia!

Magnolia was a bit confused by this entire process. Cypress got to have babies but she didn't.......What the heck is up with that?

We will be fixing that next round! Expecting both girls to come into their heat cycle in January. This time, they can both have babies. Now accepting reservations for both litters, due in March.

From All of us at Royal Goldens, we wish you and your families all the love and a very Happy Holiday! This pic was from Last year when we still had Tamarack so it truly is from all of us! Expect to see a repeat of the dual diaper girls in January!!


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