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7 weeks of puppy kisses and poop!

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

Look at what big boys we are! No more breast feeding from Mom, not gonna lie, I do believe she is happy about that part! She really does love to play with them is super good about directing their behavior with a little growl and pinch to the neck. She taught them the boundary in their pen, and is 100% teaching them that she is no longer a milk truck but their friend. The transition has been so fun to witness. Auntie Magnolia is also allowed to play and seems to be enjoying them as well (although she does NOT share her ball, with anyone, ever).

Crate training is going great. They are in the crates with their blanket and snuggle buddy for naps and at night. They willingly go in and snuggle right's a happy space and will be a god send when they go home to feel that comfort. If I could just get them to relax! The crates also offered a little problem solving exercise when they all filed in behind the crates and could not go forward or turn around. Getting the message the one at the rear to back up was quite hilarious!

A couple more car rides under the belt and no more crying at all. Mom and Aunt Magnolia came along on a long ride to Spokane, one of them threw up but that is to be expected. Next ride they did all alone and all was good. They are ready to tackle the adventure of a long car ride to their new homes next week. As much as I am thrilled about the new families and the matches we have made, that whole go home thing is making me a little sad! I am definitely going to miss the little buggers.

Lots of leash training.....they are starting to figure it out! Not exactly healing yet but following and not fighting the leash. It's a great start to a VERY important skill! We have been working hard on "sit"....also a VERY important skill for them to master early on. Putting a puppy in a sit position is calming and makes them intent on you and your next command. Both are critical to happy, well behaved big dogs. Getting a jump start on this training will make their go home experience so much easier. For them AND their new families!

I have some great help with training! Kids and puppies, life just doesn't get any better. We pride ourselves on raising empowered, self confident puppies that will respond to any person treating them properly with the same commands. Our friend Leona took her direction extremely well and the puppies responded accordingly. It was a an awesome visit!

Grown up visitor are always welcome and fun too. Especially the ones that let us crawl all over them. They love being handled, bathed, brushed, hugged and turns out, they like to watch TV!

The big girls think it might be time to dress up and do grown up things. Coming soon ladies! Our job is almost complete, for now.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!


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