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Half Way to go HOME!

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

left to right: Yeti, Alma and Hairy

This is going so fast!!! Cutest little faces ever! We weigh 7, 8 and 9 lbs at 4 weeks, amazing. Can you believe how much those sweet little faces look like Tamarack. This warms my heart in ways you can't even imagine to be able to pass him on in new balls of fur.

I had to come up with another way to weigh them cause they were spilling over the scale. And they are not very amused about the whole situation but it was weigh easier for me, haha!

We are more playful everyday. Love to play with all our toys but the best part of the day is when we get to eat our brothers face game ever. Immediately following all that play, a hug and a nap.

Potty training is coming along nicely. There was poop in the poop tray this morning which is pretty exciting (I spared you that photo). I did start using the pee pads and just move them closer to the box everyday. This photo was early in the week so the pads are now moved out further but I thought it was a pretty good shot to see how much they have grown.

We eat and sleep like champs. Yes, we have a nice, comfy, soft and warm space to sleep but our toys might get away if we don't keep a vigilant watch on them you know.

Nothing better than a great hug after tub tubs....for me anyway, they smell so sweet. Everyone had another dose of deworming at the same time. We continue to do ENS and scent exposure daily. They are even used to the pungent vinegar I use for cleaning now.

The most exciting change this week is that now we are past the 4 week mark, we can have visitors!!! Thanks Besel family for coming to help me hug these little bundles. Looking forward to more company soon.


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