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Little Bears are here and flourishing!

Memorial Day was day to remember all we have and the sacrifices so many made for us to live the life we have today. For that, we are so grateful and thank those who gave so much.

It was also one year ago that Tamarack passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Fitting our Little Bears were born on this special day! Bringing us new life and lots of new fur to love! Tamarack and Cypress have already brought us beautiful babies in the past, this will be the last litter of Tamaracks babes making them even a little more special in my heart. I am continually amazed at the technology that allowed us to use frozen semen from Tamarack to inseminate Cypress.

Birthing was a little nerve racking for me as it seemed to take a lot longer than normal but apparently I am an "overworrier" and all was fine. I just needed to be patient and call my mentor, Cinnamon Hoekema to talk me off the ledge! After being in active labor for longer than I thought she should, Panda (female with Purple collar) was born at 7:13 pm weighing 1lb 3.9oz; then came Kodiak (male with blue collar) at 8:09 weighing 1lb, 1.2oz, and then came Polar (female sporting a beautiful orange collar) at 9:15 weighing 1lb 4oz. Cypress did amazing, I literally just caught the babies and helped her clean up! It was a beautiful process to witness and I count my blessings I have the opportunity to be a part of this miracle. Even better, I was in bed by 11:00 although sleep did not find me for some time after. We have a baby camera in the whelping room and I just could not turn away!

Cypress brought her favorite snuggle buddy and her favorite blanket to her comfort space when the day began. I helped with the blanket but she had hold of buddy and brought him to the whelping pen, no letting go! I thought it was her way of nesting but it turns out, she was bringing her own nanny with her! The puppies snuggle up to this thing like it's a big sister. I swear I did not stage these photo's, was just lucky enough to capture them!

We had a car ride to the vet to have dew claws removed. Cypress was super chill about the whole thing and so were the pups. This cute basket was my Mother's, another memory for me as we lost her in March of 2019. She follows me when decorating and cleaning! I know she would be proud of the work we do here at Royal Goldens.

Removing dew claws is not always the choice breeders make, some do leave them. However, having raised a dog who ripped one as an adult I have no desire to put an owner or a dog through that drama for no reason when it is so easy to just remove.

Day 3 brings us to starting Early Neurological Stimulation exercises. We will do these everyday until day 16 when we add more handling exercises. ENS has much science behind it that is proven to improve cardiovascular performance (heart rate), stronger heart beats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress, greater resistance to disease. We hold them in an upright position so the blood flows from the head for 5 seconds, then upside down to make the heart redo it's process for 5 seconds, on their back for 5 seconds, stimulate the pads in their paws with touch, and set them on a cold surface and another 5 seconds. Then lastly and the best part, hold them next to my heart and nuzzle their face. We are teaching them we are safe, loving and it is the best snuggle on earth for me!

The other everyday process is weighing the little potatoes. They are wiggle worms and growing like crazy!!! All have gained at a great rate and progressing beautifully.

We have to take special care of Cypress watching for Mastitis. It manifests as an infection in her ever so important mammary glands. The puppie were not finding the back two teets the first few days so we had to step in to guide them. Turns out these little puppies that can't see, hear or eliminate on their own have opinions and DO NOT like being told what to do! Until they realized that was the mother load of the milk all is well! That little fat belly and milk mustache says it all......

Thank you all for following our process. I will continue to share this incredible journey! Until next week......


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