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Happy Easter! We have news......

Hope you all are enjoying a very Happy Easter! We have some updates from our now 6 month old Sasquatch puppies (how did that happen??)

Ryder (Hairy) and his girls enjoyed Easter Baskets and a new stuffy that had an annoying cottontail apparently. It had to be removed!

He is doing great with his training and his Mom says he is so well adjusted. They go on lots of outings and adventures. Look how well he is walking on a leash!

Happy Easter Momma Cypress and Auntie Magnolia!! As much as we love snow, we are loving nicer weather! We are just happy, period.

Editing credit to Cinnamon Hoekema

Those of you that knew Tamarack are familiar with his famous Happy cry. Whenever anyone came to visit they were greeted with the most enthusiastic whiny cry and a stuffy or a shoe. We always have wondered if it is was inherited or learned by his puppies (only some have done it). Since Finn (Alma) never met Tamarack, we can only guess that is inherited. Only a few of the pups over the years have done it and Finn is one!! This warms my heart big time!! Turn up your volume for the full effect!

Mr Jake (Yeti) is doing great too! Cute as a bug and he is enrolled in the basic obedience class I help teach at the Coeur d'Alene dog fanciers. Lucky for me, he lives close and can come visit his momma and Auntie Magnolia for play dates. His Dad takes him on lots of adventures so he is learning all kinds of great stuff!

I am so pleased with how well everyone is doing, growing up in loving families and the pups are giving it back! Remember when we taught the little guys "puppy, puppy, puppy" recall? At 6 months, there was an incident that needed a fast reaction and the dog was not listening.

Owner pulled out the "puppy, puppy, puppy" call and he came running! I was told if we taught them that at a young age it would be ingrained and work in an emergency. Turns out to be true so we will continue that in our training program going forward. There have been more seminars and training for me too in the last 6 months so I am anxious to get to work training new puppies.

Speaking of puppies going forward.....we have had some pretty exciting events around here! Both Magnolia and Cypress have been inseminated with the last of our stash of Tamarack's frozen semen. They went into heat with a week of each other and we decided to go big and inseminate both at the same time. This is a very amazing science and we feel so blessed that we can still have Tamarack puppies!

Yes, that means we will have 2 litters at the same time! Color us crazy! We will have confirmation of pregnancy and approximate puppy count on April 22. A little renovation of the puppy room to accomodate 2 whelping pens and we are off. Girls are both healthy and happy and continue to refine their training. The more they learn, the more enjoyable companions they become.

We took a trip to Utah and all that "place" training and door etiquette came in quite handy! We work on "place" at home as a spot to wait while dinner is being made, when someone comes to the door, sit and wait for a special treat and sometimes just a spot to chill out. We even taught our friend Karma the poodle to wait in our place for dinner!

The trailer had a new "place" but they figured it out pronto! It was in a good spot to keep an eye on everything!

 Our trip to Utah took us through Boise where we went to the opthamologist to get updated eye certifications. All went well and we continued on to St George, Utah while we waited for heat cycles to start. They started a little later than anticipated so it all worked out. Lots of fun hikes in Utah with our friend Thor! Keeps us fit so we will be strong when we deliver all our beautiful new babies.

Stay tuned for updates on new puppies, fingers crossed both girls are pregnant and that we DON'T both have litters of 10!!!


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