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With a tear in my eye, puppies are all with their furever families!

Wow, what a journey!! This has been so amazing to raise, train, and place these beautiful pups with their furever families. When these beautiful babes were born, the only difference was their weight and maybe color (hardly a difference). Eventually distinct personalities emerged, to my wonder and that created very individual responses to many different stimulations. We have spent so much time with these puppies watching them grow, mature, become little bundles of mischief and joy all in one! The process is beyond description. At first I was baffled to know how one can determine the personality and match it to the right family. Turns out, it was all clear as a beautiful blue sky and now that they are all home, it is 1000% clear we made all the right choices! Yeti is with the PERFECT Dad and his name is Jake, Alma is now Fin and Hairy is now Ryder.

This weekend was a process full of snuggles and getting final personality testing completed. I employed all my grandchildren to help (they hate snuggling puppies). Fortunately it was Thanksgiving so they could be here to lend a hand and get kissses.

We had our vet visit, everyone had their microchip inserted, first shots and final health check. Thanks to Myah for helping me haul the crate with 45 lbs of dogs in to the vet!!

The final personality testing was really quite enlightening and did take all of us to accomplish. Granddaughter Sierra is the photographer, Granddaughter Myah managed the testing and Grandson Henry did the active test. He had to lay on the floor, have a fit of crying and distress to determine how the puppy would react. All 3 reacted differently but were all very sweet and caring. Then they had to interact with things they had not been exposed to prior to this test. Walking on a crinkly blue tarp, meeting a large stuffed santa, walking on a plank, we graded how much they wanted to interact with Myah or just play with their toy. It was all quite telling and affirming for their placements.

Then there was the grooming to get ready to go home! A bath, nail clipping, hair dryer....gotta look like dapper little men!

Last but not least, all along we have been training. Puppy, puppy, recall, leash training, sit, down, potty and crate training. Even more reinforcement this past week and I call this video great success for an 8 week old puppy.

Best of all was the new family following the training we have begun, this right here is what makes great puppies, great dogs! My heart is full.....and at the same time a little empty. I love you boys, go show the world what a great dogs you are!!!

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