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We are big kids now!

Updated: 4 days ago

What a week this has been!! So much great new never ceases to amaze me how the pups grow and change every day (or hour!). We have hosted our first visitors and met all the families that are lucky enough to be taking home these adorable babies in just 3 short weeks. We met kids, grown ups, played and hugged people with absolutely no misgivings. It is my job to teach these pups about life and how to embrace it with kindness, encouragement, empowerment and opportunities. This is such an honor!!

Mom and Auntie Magnolia told them kids were great and that they would love them and boy were they right!!! They were able to play in the pen outdoors and enjoy watching the big dogs playing ball. They can't wait till they can play that game too!! We still have to keep everyone safe from worms and germs so still off the ground for now so using artificial turf or some other covering inside the pen. But lots of new toys, a cardboard box being the winner!

Our first car ride was a huge success. Actually had 2 this week. First one in the basket was great, no puking and VERY little whimpering. We went to visit a friend that is recovering from surgery to give her a little puppy love. Perhaps they could be therapy dogs except one day they will be too big for lap dogs! 2nd ride was all the way to Hayden in the crate alone in the back of the car and it was also a huge success. They 100% think car rides are the bomb!

And then there was our first tub tub. All week we slowly introduced the process of a bath by just listening to the water running, setting paws down in the wet bottom of the sink, being rubbed with the towel. All this exposure leads up to the actual bath so by the time it happens, all seemed safe and normal. And oh, they smell so good!!!

The pen was enlarged so they have full run now of the space without the confines of the whelping box. The potty trays take up almost a 1/3 of the space but it's working super well. Not foolproof but hey, they aren't even 5 weeks old yet so it's pretty darn good!! Also have started with the introduction of crates. Right now the doors are held open, a snuggle buddy is inside and so is a scatter of kibble. They go in, check it out, sometimes eat a piece of kibble, sometimes a lay down on the stuffy and sometimes they just turn around and come back out. The process will progress to naps in the crate with the doors closed next week.

Speaking of kibble, they are full on eating dry kibble now. No more mush, no more soft soaked......just hard crunchy kibble! And some milk still from Mom. Down to 3 nursing per day, Mom is spending the night back in the big house with her humans. Waking us up at 5:00am to go nurse but it gets a little longer everyday. Goal is 7:00am! The snuffle mat with dry kibble scattered in the folds is great for problem solving!

The wobble board was a big hit and so is the hanging mobile! But nothing is better than humans with a box to climb on, nibble and hug!

And then they sleep! Anywhere they happen to be, peaceful, secure and full and of wonder at the adventures life is bringing them every single day!

All the while, I clean and do laundry! And LOVE every minute of my journey with these Little Bears!


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