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Oh the places we will grow!

One of these puppies has come available. Cost is $3000 but since we have not yet completed personality testing, etc I don't know which puppy is available at this point. We do our best to match the puppy with the family so everyone wins! They will be ready to go home July 22nd after vet check, first vaccine, deworming treatments, microchip and all this great training!! Contact me directly if you are interested in moving up on the waitlist to get this bundle of love into your arms now. If you are not on a waitlist yet, we request an application and a deposit. This is the last litter we will have with Tamarack as the sire.

Training is in full swing as we approach 6 weeks of age. This is the most remarkable and enlightening piece for me of raising puppies! Their little brains are sponges and they eat up everything I put in front of them.....yes, literally!! Crate training is in full force. Naps are taken in the crate with doors closed and we have started individual feeding in the crate. Night time they go in the crate until they settle and fall a sleep. Once asleep, I unlatch the doors so they can come out a potty in the night. And oh, is it working!!!! Night time potty has been amazingly spot on! They still get a little confused when I move them to the playpen with a potty tray but every day gets better.

Finally had some nice hot weather this week so we were able to go swimming. They took it to it like they were born to be water dogs.....imagine that! They loved it and now the pool is a big ole drinking bowl. Or a swimming bowl, can go either way.

Momma Cypress is down to nursing only once at night and once in the am so dry kibble the rest of the time. She is drying up quickly but it's always a challenge to keep the puppies from trying to nurse during this stage. Hence, the new outfit for Cypress!! This zip on piece is perfect to keep her teets covered so she can play with the babes but keep them from tugging on her. Auntie Magnolia joined the fun too. It was funny watching them meet Magnolia and discovering she is not quite like Mom! A little romp in the lawn also opened up a whole new world of smells and things to get into......

Working on a nice calm sit when I enter the pen, even with their food in hand!! I measure how much kibble they can have in a day, put it in a cup on the counter and use for meals and training. Depending how much I hand feed from that cup, what is left over is what they get for dinner. Great method to ensure they aren't overfed......cause they will lie and tell me they are starving......all day, every day.

We have welcomed numerous visitors to hold the babes, play with them, give them all the exposure they need to believe people are good and they are safe. All important life skills for the puppies once they go to their furever homes with their families. The objective is for us to set them up for a well adjusted happy life. Experiencing a 4th of July fireworks display and a major thunderstorm were both just another noise to them. All that noise exposure since birth is paying off.

Go Little Bears GROW!!!! Can't believe we only have 2 weeks with these little bundles of love. This is such a precious journey, I cherish every minute. Well, except maybe cleaning up poop.....that I could do without but it's how I know they are healthy so I'll take it in stride.


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