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Oh the Places we can go!!

First let me apologize for not writing a blog last week. I had a very special wedding to attend so was a little behind! Puppies flourished in my absence under the care of my hubby, Marty. They were 6 lbs when I came home on Monday at 3 weeks old. Normal 3 week old golden retrievers are a bit over 3 lbs. I am going to say they are all doing great!!

I spent some time continuing my education reading a new book "Puppy Brain" by Kerry Nichols. She is a breeder so her perspective on puppies is from the beginning. It validated for me all the work I put into their early handling and training. So much time, effort, and puppy hugs. It is empowering for me when the proof comes in the form of well adjusted 8 week old puppy! She follows much of my philosophy and had some great new insights and ideas for me. If you are bringing home a new puppy, I highly recommend the book for you too. Pages 131 to 163 are money for your first week home (First, train the humans)! After that she spells out great setup for new puppy area, crate and leash training, etc. As I was reading at the pool awaiting the evening wedding I did drop the book in the pool, if that makes any of you feel sorry for me.

I have to mention that last week someone brought a dog to the training facility (where I assistant teach obedience classes) that had been exposed to Kennel cough. The owner knew of the exposure and brought the dog to class anyway. The next day that dog was sick, many others from the class also caught it and the facility had to be shut down for 10 days and thoroughly sanitized. Pretty substantial impact that could have been avoided by behaving as a responsible dog owner. If your dog is sick or has been exposed to an illness, please stay home!

This is why I am such a stickler for no visitors (human or dog) to our facility when puppies are young. An exposure to Kennel Cough could have severely impacted young pups if not killed them. I get a lot of negative talk for not allowing visitors until the pups are older but I am so glad I enforce this policy!! When we finally do allow visitors we adhere to strict sanitation rules for the safety of the puppies. My number 1 responsibility is for these babies health and well being. This is also why my girls don't get to go to class or anywhere else while we have pups on the ground. Magnolia isn't very happy about this rule but it's only for a short while and then our walks will resume!

Puppies are up and fully moving around now. Still a little wobbly but moving along nicely and puppy play is in full swing! They are using the potty area successfully (most of the time) and today we got our lickers in full motion at the big kid food bowl!! I ground some Diamond Naturals lamb meal and rice large breed puppy food in the blender, added water with a few whole kibbles and a scoop of NuVet Plus to aid with digestion and fill in other vitamins and minerals. I am big fan of Diamond Naturals and NuVet products for the puppies and adults!

We have lots of new toys in the whelping box and have been on several "tours" around the house for noise exposure. We have listened to the water running in the shower and stepped into the wetness on the floor. We heard the hair dryer, microwave, TV, dishwasher and washing machine. A walk around outside brought in lots of new smells. I carry them like a football so they can look, listen and stay secure in my arms.

The fun is just beginning! Now that they are starting to eat solid food, solid poop should follow. So happy they are taking to the potty area so well! My life is about to change with their changes. Mom will start sleeping in the house although she will still nurse before bed and first thing in the morning. She is also starting to be more playful with them and not just the milk truck! Big kid potty trays are coming soon too.....I do these low ones with the pads in the beginning but as poop changes so the does the collection box. Always the goal is to create a safe, comfortable environment setting them up for success without stress.

Loving every minute of every day with these sweet, precious puppers! Next week will bring many more new adventures!!

Thanks for following us and watching us grow........


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