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Eat, Sleep, Grow, Repeat!

As we near the end of week 2, the puppies have grown from 2 lb potatoes to 4 pounders! Unbelievable how fast they grow and change. Still sleeping much of the time (except when the milk Momma is in the box). As they sleep, they appear to be dreaming.....twitching, wiggle their little legs. It's all part of the growth process. Young dogs and old tend to do more dreaming so their muscles are getting used when they sleep so much more at either end of their lives. Not sure what these little ones are dreaming about but we like to see movement! And MAN are they growing like crazy!!

Their little faces are changing now that they are growing fur over their pink skin.....starting to look more like little dogs than a rat! My daily exercises with them now result in more reassurance that I am their rock, their safety, humans are good and all is right in their world. This is all the cornerstone to raising well adjusted big dogs! They are loved, empowered, encouraged and given the best food ever from Momma Cypress. Thankfully she is still doing all the clean up too!

Early Scent exposure is always so fun and interesting.....they definitely are drawn to some smells and turn away from others. Their little noses have been their best sense (that and feeling in their paws). No sight or hearing quite yet.

The 2 girls liked garlic, Kodiak gave it a hard no, NONE liked chilli pepper!! But everyone liked turmeric, coconut and grapefruit. They apparently have good sense of things that smell good!

I find Cypress on her bed outside the whelping pen often now. Obviously she is in with them plenty when feeding but is letting them sleep with their favorite babysitters. She relishes a little time outside with her sister to play.....not too long however!

Their little eyes are about to open, they start with a noticeable twitch and then the slits open ever so slightly. Ears are opening as well, it won't be long and they will respond to me walking into the room. We play music all day and of course there are other sounds that come from life. These will all become common to them (including the vacuum!) as they grow. I love this awakening in them! Such special times......

With a nod and wink..... thanks for following us, until next week!!

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1 Comment

Jun 09

We love following the growth and development process ❣️

Can’t wait to bring her home 🥰😍

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