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The American Golden Retriever is recognizable by their long golden coats and friendly character.  They have the more familiar medium to dark golden color.  They are trusting and eager to please.  The key to to training and socializing your dog is to start young!  Golden Retrievers are active and require regular exercise.  If a Goldie is unable to get the exercise they need, they could use their pent up energy in unfavorable ways.  Plus they could become obese which creates health problems in later life.  Goldens are susceptible to hip and elbow dysplasia which is why we screen the parents before breeding to ensure they don't have an issue that could be hereditary.  Not 100% guarantee your puppy won't have it but screening lowers the probability!  Environmental issues can also create these health problems. Goldens require regular grooming, this lessens the shedding in your home but won't eliminate it completely.  American Goldens are suitable for many families.  They are wonderful with children but no young child should be left unsupervised with any dog.  They will not like to be left alone for long periods of time.  


What Makes English Cream Different?

The biggest difference between English and American Golden Retrievers is the color of their coat.  English are more likely to be a lighter cream color.  The American Kennel Club classifies both as "Golden Retrievers".  They both possess a friendly and gentle temperment and are roughly the same height and weight.  The European breed has a lower cancer rate than the American but have the same propensity to hip and elbow problems. Grooming. and exercise needs are the same as are training protocols.  In some cases the English GR is stockier built with a blockier head.  The overall personality of an English GR is slightly different from the American.  They are a bit calmer in temperament.  This does not make them less loyal but can make them easier to train overall.  They are friendly towards strangers which does not make them good guard dogs!    

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